[2021] Top Construction Podcasts You Should Follow Today

What are some of the top construction industry podcasts?

Keeping abreast of current events is a key element of success in the 21st century. With the advent of electronic communications via the Internet, there are many ways to do this:  social media, news apps, and of course, podcasts.

There are podcasts available to suit almost any need or interest, including construction and related topics such as engineering and architecture. Following are some of the top podcasts suited for someone who wants to keep informed and engaged in the world of construction.

They have been grouped into different categories; the first three relate to new technology and innovation, the next three are about managing a construction business, and the last three are related to the general nuts-and-bolts of construction and design.


  1.  The ConTechCrew. Presented by JB Knowledge, this is a weekly podcast with episodes running for a little over an hour. James Benham, Josh Bone, Jeff Sample, and Rob McKinney discuss new technology, software, and innovative products as well as answering listener questions. Their website has options for appearing on the show or booking them for an event—The ConTechCrew streams on Apple Podcasts and on their website.
    This podcast has earned multiple awards and recognitions, including the Aggie 100, the 2015 Mobile Web Awards, and the Internet Advertising Competition. 
  2. The Art of Construction. Devon Tilly hosts this weekly podcast with episodes that range from 30 minutes to an hour in length. The Art of Construction discusses new technology in construction management such as AI, automated homes, materials science, and planning simulators that help manage new real estate developments. The Art of Construction streams on all platforms, including Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Stitcher, as well as their website.
    The Art of Construction has an average rating of 4.5 stars on Apple Podcasts and provides a platform for businesses to showcase their innovative products or services. 
  3. TRXL. Architect and technologist Evan Troxel hosts this weekly podcast that runs for about an hour per episode. Troxel hosts special guests who discuss their innovations, discoveries, and passion projects as well as the changing landscape of architecture and development with regards to new technology. TRXL is available to stream on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Overcast and the website.
    Evan Troxel is the author of ARE Hacks:  Learn How to Pass the Architect Registration Exam, which is available for purchase on Amazon. 
  4. The Construction Leading Edge. Todd Dawalt is a management consultant who specializes in helping construction business owners streamline their businesses and maximize revenue. These weekly episodes run about an hour-long with the occasional thirty-minute episode. Main topics include recruiting tips, correcting cash flow problems, sales and marketing, and the hidden cost of unresolved conflict within a company.  The Construction Leading Edge streams on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and Youtube.
    Todd Dawalt offers online training tools on his website, and he offers a free one-on-one consultation to help business owners optimize their revenue streams. 
  5. Profit Toolbelt. Dominic Rubino is a business coach who offers tools and consultations for developing sound business strategies and controlling the loss of revenue in his weekly podcast. Most episodes run for about an hour, with an occasional thirty or forty-minute episode. Profit Toolbelt streams on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and iHeartRadio as well as on its website.
    In addition to the podcast, Dominic Rubino also offers downloads, blog posts, and other tools to help business owners control revenue loss and improve management. 
  6. Contractor Cents. Ruth King hosts this weekly podcast offering management tips and questions answered about business management, introducing new products such as solar energy, and maintaining employee satisfaction while still generating sufficient revenue. Episode length averages less than twenty minutes, and the various topics are based on Ruth King’s direct experience. Contractor Cents streams on PodBean and Apple Podcasts.

    Ruth King is a profitability consultant and the author of several books about business management. Her titles include The Courage to Be Profitable and The Ugly Truth about Cash, which were named two of the “37 Books You Should Read to Run a Successful Startup,” published by British-based online publication Fupping. 
  7. 99% Invisible. Roman Mars hosts this weekly podcast with episodes that run between thirty and fifty minutes. 99% Invisible is less about the mechanics of running a business and more about the innovation and design that can drive a business to greater success. The title refers to the fact that 99% of what goes into a design is invisible to the casual consumer. Topics are organized into categories like Cities, Infrastructure, Objects, Technology, and History. 99% Invisible can be streamed on Apple Podcasts, RadioPublic, and its website.

    Roman Mars co-authored a book with Kurt Kohlstedt called The 99% Invisible City:  A Field Guide to the Hidden World of Everyday Design. This book has over two thousand reviews on Amazon and an average of five stars. 
  8. Home Building Hero. David Belman, president of award-winning construction company Belman Homes, hosts new episodes three times a week, with each episode running between ten and thirty minutes long. Home Building Hero covers a wide variety of housing news, design trends, and the real estate market. Home Building Hero streams on Apple Podcasts, Breaker, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, PodBean, Radio Public, Spotify, and Stitcher.
    Home Building Hero is exceptionally accessible due to its variety of streaming platforms, and its shorter and more frequent episodes guarantee a variety of content. 
  9. Construction Brothers. Eddie and Tyler Campbell are sixth-generation builders and owners of the building information modeling business ABSI. Their weekly podcast consists of general information and conversation about the construction industry and interviews with titans in the field. Episodes are between thirty and forty minutes with frequent “Bite-Sized” episode recaps of seven to eight minutes in length. Construction Brothers streams on Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and their website.

    Construction Brothers offers a down-to-earth format with an emphasis on a friendly, informal atmosphere. Eddie and Tyler Campbell have years of experience in the field, and they use personal experience and anecdotes to explain concepts and keep their listeners up to date on new developments in the field.

  10. ConstructionWire Podcast. Host Luke O’Brien of the BuildCentral research team flexes his golden pipes and shares deep-dive details on some of the largest megaprojects in construction.
    From Chicago’s Lincoln Yards project to Houston’s TMC3, expect to learn a few things from the team providing construction project lead data across commercial, residential, single-family residential, hospitality, and healthcare verticals.

Construction is an ever-changing business, and staying up to speed on new technology, marketing, and developments is crucial to staying solvent in these modern times.

Listening to podcasts hosted by experts in the construction field can help one navigate the world of business in the twenty-first century. There are so many facets to the construction industry that one list cannot encompass them all, but this should help listeners find the information they are looking for.